Friday, November 19, 2010

A double double: Weds 11/17/2010 and Thurs 11/18/2010


I learned an important lesson that I should have already known, but discovered the hard way when it comes to barefoot running in the cold. 

1.  If you're only going to run a short distance barefoot in the cold, get to it right off the bat or keep your feet covered in socks and shoes.

2.  If you are going to run barefoot in the cold, you have to be slightly crazy.

It was probably low 40s high 30s on Wednesday when I went running.  My mistake was that I walked barefoot for a distance to the road.  Then I started running barefoot.  Half-way through my half mile run, I wasn't sure if my feet were getting numb or the road was doing a number on exfoliating my feet.  Either way, it was an odd feeling.  Not a bad feeling, just odd. 

While barefoot running on road conditions, its interesting to notice how I am a bit more aware of the ground than I am with running with shoes.  Generally, I do not pay attention to what is on the surface unless it is large objects or holes in the ground that catch my attention when running with regular shoes.  When running barefoot, each small pebble and stick on the ground catches my eye.

But I don't run with my face pointing down at the ground watching where my feet are going; while running barefoot, I'm forced to stand more erect with my head up, but that allows me to look further down the road.  I don't have this same posture when running with regular shoes, or I don't notice as much.  I definitely do a lot more conscious thinking when running barefoot, but it consists of reminding myself to come down on my forefoot and flex my knees; watch out for hazards; have a more erect posture; and keep swinging my arms.

 Apart from letting my feet freeze up while running barefoot, I can't really recall anything of note in the run.  I think I ran a bit faster than I should be at this point since I was going at an approximate 10:23/mile pace.  The only reason I mention that was because I had to stop and walk for a little bit.  Not a long walk, but stopping and walking a few paces and then starting back up.  A dead give away that I was running too fast. 

Well, that and listening to the Sound Doctors on NPR that introduced me to the Budos Band and Jamie Lidell.  Interesting artists. 

Here's the cold stats.  And it was cold outside. 

Barefoot run:
.51 miles run; 11'10"/mile; 5:43 run; 92 kcal burned

Brooks Ghost 3 shoes:
3.02 miles run; 10'23"/mile; 31:23 run; 539 kcal burned


Thursday was a somewhat packed schedule: oversleeping my 0500 alarm, not getting up until 0630, then doing the reading I didn't complete the night before, classes, group lunch with William Erskine, Jr., class, space out and show this video: (no, its not pr0n either) to some of my classmates, then attending William Erskine's lecture on the "Six Myths that Confuse the Same-Sex Marriage Debate."  It was a very good lecture too.  I feel fortunate that I get to have the opportunity to hear scholars of such a caliber at my school.

Third Tier Toilet Bowl Law fucking ass.  At least Valparaiso did not produce the worst president in American history like a school in New Haven, CT bestowed upon the US.

Since it was past 1700 (5 PM) in November in the Midwest, it was already cold and dark outside by the time I left the law school.  I was already plotting to skip the run and to put it off until Friday.  The thought lingered in my mind as I walked to my car.  It remained as I turned it over and started driving.  Never did it exit my mind during the drive home and once I pulled up to my apartment.  

Running procrastination continued even though I pulled on my shorts, my cold weather gear and shoes.  And it didn't stop until I was out the door and walking to warm up and started my run.  

Should I be concerned that nothing really stands out in my mind from the run?  Besides all the goose shit on the sidewalk.  

Well, it was really cold outside.  I know the cold air was doing a number on my lungs, but oh well.  Lesson learned: make sure I run when the sun it out at least.

Here's the run breakdown.  Minus any severe illness from the cold:

Brooks Ghost 3 shoes:
3.03 miles run; 10'39" pace; 32:20 run; 540 kcal.

Until next time.  Well, I might end up getting some Mizunos soon.  I don't hate the Brooks, but I don't love them either.  


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